About Us

Joining NPKC is easy! 

To become an NPKC member, all you need to do is join OAKE (the Organization of American Kodàly Educators).

When you join, don't forget to enter Northern Plains Kodály Chapter (NPKC) as your local chapter. 

This will register you as a member of NPKC. 


You read that right! Students join OAKE for absolutly FREE! 

Here is the best part.... students that are NPKC members get to attend all our workshops for FREE! 

Just go to https://www.oake.org/become-a-member/ and choose "student" when registering! 

Why join NPKC?

OAKE  and NPKC continues to be a vibrant organization: our mission is to support music education of the highest quality and preserve the musical heritage of the people of the United States of America through education, artistic performance, advocacy, and research. Membership contributions help to make these goals possible. 

OAKE Members enjoy many benefits with their membership including:

These benefits only scratch the surface of what our organization can provide for you as a member.